The Applied Magnetics group is looking for motivated, creative and hardworking students interested in graduate-level and post-doctoral research in magnetic materials and devices.

Post-doctoral Candidates

If you are a post-doctoral candidate, please contact Dr. Dhagat or Dr. Jander. In addition to your curriculum vitae (CV), we encourage you to provide a brief description of your doctoral research, research interests and skills.

Graduate Program Applicants

Students interested in joining the Applied Magnetics group as graduate students should follow the application guidelines available online at You should select “Electronic Materials and Devices - Magnetic materials and spintronics” as your main area of interest and list Dr. Dhagat or Dr. Jander as potential mentors. In your statement of purpose, be sure to specifically write which research projects in the Applied Magnetics Laboratory interest you and how, specifically, your experience and knowledge will help you contribute to those projects.