The Applied Magnetics Laboratory at Oregon State University is a leading research laboratory developing novel characterization techniques and applications for magnetic materials and devices. The laboratory is co-directed by Dr. Dhagat and Dr. Jander, both of whom have industry experience in magnetic data storage, sensors, spintronics and CMOS integration. The laboratory enjoys interdisciplinary, international and industry collaborations, and attracts outstanding students from worldwide. Our ongoing projects, to name a few, include understanding exchange in magnetic tunnel junction devices; designing and inkjet printing magnetic components; and developing measurement techniques for magnetostriction. Click here to read more about our current research.

The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art commercial and unique custom instruments to characterize magnetic nanoparticles and thin films. It also maintains dedicated deposition tools in a cleanroom for fabricating high-quality magnetic devices and thin films. The measurement and fabrication capabilities are available to external users for a fee. To learn about our services or to partner with us, please contact Dr. Dhagat, co-Director of the laboratory, at or visit